Land Profit Generator Review

Terry L. Kramer

Jack Bosch has renamed his successful Land Profit Formula course to Land Profit Generator. Besides the new catchy name, what’s new and is it worth getting the program? Find out in this brief review. The LPF home study course was first released in September 2008, and the release was a […]

Is The Secrecy of a Land Trust Lawful?

Land Trusts (LT) have been used in the United States for over 100 years, primarily for privacy of ownership. Many people, for various reasons, want to own real estate without public knowledge. Perhaps they are a celebrity, politician (President Obama owns his house in the Chicago suburbs in a LT) […]

What is International Investing and Why Should I Care?

Terry L. Kramer

Diversifying your international investment portfolio is a key part of asset management if you are looking for long term growth. Diversification allows an investor to counter the downfall in certain sectors and particularly when doing international investing in stock and bonds. International investing in foreign stock is hot and the […]

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