Investing Basics – Risk vs. Reward

Terry L. Kramer

In 2005, people spent 125% of what they made. They spent money they had not earned yet so they built up debt and paid interest on that debt every month. If you spent less than you made than you actually were paid interest on your money, just the opposite. The […]

Understanding Property Curbs

Terry L. Kramer

‘Property curbs’ is nowadays a very frequently heard term in wealth management space. Nations across Asia, such as China, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore have implemented property curbs in the recent years. Property curbs can be defined as property policies set by the governments to curb excessive increase in property […]

The Importance of Residual Marketing

Terry L. Kramer

These days it seems all anybody ever talks about is using the internet to promote their business. Obviously, I don’t have to tell you that using the internet to promote your business can be effective however let’s not forget that offline marketing can be just as effective if not more […]

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