6 Unknowns, Which Are Relevant To Our Economy!

Terry L. Kramer

If, we could predict the future, accurately, and consistently, many things, would be easier, and more successful, to accomplish and achieve! It would make things, such as, successful investing, purchasing investment real estate, buying a home (at the best opportunity), evaluating job/ career opportunities, etc, a far – easier, task! […]

Selling Your House Fast to Cash Property Buyers

Are you looking for the ways to sell house fast? Going by traditional method of approaching a real estate agent and listing your property in the market may take several months to sell your property. Moreover, it also means additional costs. If you are looking for guaranteed sale of your […]

Real Estate Marketing Plan

Are you looking to hone or develop your real estate marketing plan? For those looking for marketing tools for realtors (R) and real estate agents, the “best practices” of multi-million dollar agents includes several “pillars”, or sources of leads, and refinement to the three key points of client contact. These […]

Investing in Real Estate For Quick Profits

Real Estate Investing (REI) has always been a viewed as a long-term business. People know that real estate properties take years to appreciate. That is why there are only few investors venturing into real estate. You can’t blame other investors if they go after quick-profit businesses. Financial stability today, amid […]

10 Common Real Estate Investing Starting-Out Mistakes

Interested in real estate investing? Or, perhaps you’re already an investor and wondering why you’re struggling? Following are 10 Common Real Estate Investing Starting-out Mistakes: Failing to learn the basics. When starting anything new, including real estate investing, there are simple ways to learn the basics. You can go to […]

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