5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

window replacement service job in Sterling, VAYou rely on your windows more than you probably realize. They offer a view of your property, provide natural light, and affect your heating and cooling efficiency.

Don’t ignore the problem if your windows are a few decades old and show signs of wearing out. After all, putting off window replacement could cost you by decreasing your comfort level and raising your energy bills. Here are five signs that it’s time to replace your windows:

Faulty Window Operation

Are your sliding windows hard to open and shut? Do your double-hung windows threaten to fall closed unless you prop them open? Have your seldom-used wood casement windows fused shut?

You may have given up trying to open your windows, but replacing them with new, functioning windows means you get to let the fresh air in again.

Drafty Rooms

Drafts are a problem for numerous reasons. First, they make you uncomfortable. You’re most likely to notice drafts in the winter when sitting near a window is unbearable.

Second, drafts hike up your energy costs. With outside air seeping into your home, your HVAC system must work harder to maintain the thermostat setting.

To check for drafts, wait for a windy day. Then, close your windows and hold a lit candle or incense stick near the edges of each sash.

You know there’s a draft if the candle flickers or the incense smoke curls rapidly into the air.

Condensation Between the Panes

Double- and triple-pane windows are designed to hold a pocket of air between the panes to improve energy efficiency compared to single-pane windows. However, moisture can make its way inside the window if the seal breaks.

The resulting condensation cannot be wiped away from either side of the glass, though you should try just to ensure the fog isn’t the result of high indoor or outdoor humidity.

The only solution for condensation between the panes is to replace your windows.

Faded Carpet & Furniture

Sterling, VA bedroom with pillows lined up next to vinyl windowsUltraviolet rays have color-fading effects. You might notice this with kids’ toys or other brightly colored objects left outside for days. If your carpet, furniture, rugs, and other furnishings have faded over the years, you can bet your windows don’t have UV protection.

Modern windows feature a low-emissivity (low-E) coating to stop UV rays from passing through. This protects your belongings and helps them keep their intended colors for years to come.

As a bonus, blocking UV rays also reduces solar heat gain, making your home easier and cheaper to cool in the summer.

Audible Outdoor Noises

You might be bothered by the noise if you live near train tracks or a busy street or rowdy kids are playing outside. Have you considered that poorly sealed windows could make the problem worse?

High-efficiency, insulated windows have natural sound-damping effects. This means replacing your windows can make your home more peaceful and quieter when your neighbor mows their lawn or a plane flies by.

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