Dealing With a Difficult Landlord

You have just signed in your lease agreement with your new landlord. After which, you have realized that he or she is a bit more difficult to bear with than your previous landlords. What could you possibly do to be in good terms with him or her? Here are some points you could follow.

Be a good tenant. Without much being said, this should naturally come from you as a tenant. This includes abiding by the rules set forth by the landlord. It means paying on time both in rent and in utilities and keeping the apartment clean and even the outside area tidy too.

You also have to deal with following rules when you have guests and when you have to do changes. Prior to signing the lease contract, you should ask any other questions that are floating in your mind such as if pets are allowed, if hanging wall decor is permissible, or any other relevant things.

Be communicative. As a tenant, you always have to exert extra effort when it comes to building closer relationship with the landlord. If it means inviting him to your place when there are special occasions, then be it. If it means saying hi or hello each time you see him, do it.

Be honest and concise with your needs. Although it is the duty of the landlord to see if his rental property is in good condition, there are times when the tenant needs to speak up for his needs. However, this must be stated in a very polite and honest way. For instance, if there are leaks in your water line, ask the landlord that it needs to be repaired. You can ask if there is a need to contact a plumber on your side and if he will bear the service fees. Of if you’ll bear the service fees, will it be deducted on your monthly rental fee.

If there are instances when the landlord seems difficult to approach or is just uncooperative with your needs, you need to abide by existing state laws on rental property. There are provisions in which you can probably file complaints.

Be prepared with documentation. In instances when your landlord becomes very difficult to manage with your requests, then you have to be ready with documentation. It will greatly help to take pictures of damages in your place in which you are asking for repairs. You have to take down dates and specific times when you have done conversations with the landlord about your issues.

Landlord-tenant relationship is like other forms of relationships which needs understanding to be exerted on both sides. If not, there will be misunderstandings and gap between the two parties will be created until the relationship becomes unhealthy.

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