Designer Tip: Living room design for luxury villa resort

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy vacation in a luxurious and extremely comfortable villa resort? Especially today, in these stressful times, we all are eager to one day dip our feet on cold and fresh water and stay in a villa resort. Yet, worry no more! If you are living near the sea or in a resort, complete the vacation feels by creating and designing a luxurious living room. Today, we are going to discuss about how to achieve an enjoyable stay in the luxurious villa resort. Get some ideas on your living room design here:

  1. Use natural materials

Woods, stones and marbles are some naturally made materials you can use in your items in the living room. The coffee table can be made from the durable wood then place a Glasson top of it. Some walls on the living room can also be made from wood and use vanish paint to emphasize its natural characteristic. The flooring can be marble or stone depending on which you prefer the most. Using natural materials can give you the luxurious living environment you wish to achieve.

  1. Inject oceanic vibes

because you are near the sea, why not also inject oceanic vibes in your living room. You can put some shades of blues on some items of your living room. For instance, your curtain can be in a white and blue color. The curtain design can also be implying something oceanic. Another thing to do I to be creative on your cushions. You can play their designs to attain this theme. 

  1. Make a big space

To be more comfortable and luxurious all at the same time, open up the space to allow fresh breeze to enter your living room. Nothing smells greater than the fresh air coming from the sea. Therefore, it is more recommended to open the windows to receive more freshened air. In addition, you may open your windows while putting on personality in it by designing it with elegant curtains such as flowy curtains that will complement the fresh atmosphere. 

  1. Put on many plants

Do not forget about putting on some indoor plants in the living room. Plants can definitely add personality. There are numbers of indoor plants today that will surely purify the air to achieve the fresh environment we all deserve to have. Some examples of these indoor plants are bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen and snake plant. 

  1. Don’t forget modern design

We have mentioned earlier that using natural materials will complement the villa vibes of the living room. However, we should not forget about the modern designs. In the interior design world today, designers suggest to never stop applying modern touches to each motif or theme of the house. that is why, even though we are using natural materials inside the living room, we should still design and decorate it in a modernize way. Additionally, simple features inside the living room should be in a modern manner also. For instance, the curtains we hang on our window pane should be made from materials that are well-known today such as voile, nylon, cotton, and other synthetic fabrics. 

  1. Use bold colors

To complete the natural, fresh and luxurious design of the living room in your villa resort, choose bold colors that will enhance the sophistication of the living room. Walls, cushions, cabinets and curtains can come in complementing bold colors. Famous bold colors today are tangerine orange, matte colors, canary yellow, red and lime green. In depth discussion, for instance, the curtains can be in combinations of canary yellow and gray (which are the colors of the year). These bold colors will create a powerful and luxurious look in your living room. Color all around your living room can vary as long as it will complement one another. 

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I hope we helped you in deciding how to beautify our own living room! Till next time, Peace!