Final Fantasy XIV – Discipline of the Land Guide

The all-new Final Fantasy 14 which was released on September 30th has already impressed the entire world of hardcore gaming and worshipers of RPG or role playing games as they are known as in gaming lingo with its superior graphics and the thrilling plot. The multiplayer facility too has made sure that the game reaches new heights of popularity amongst avid gamers. For people who are novice gamers and have never played this game, a guide is provided to help them choose wise tactics and play the game properly and fast without feeling too confused and thereby giving up playing.

There are four various different types of disciplines in the game. The disciplines are the discipline of the magic, the discipline of the war, the discipline of the land and the discipline of the hand. The players are enabled with the option of changing the disciplines according to their own will thereby ensuring that the game has a greater appeal to all its players and is more fascinating. By changing the disciplines, you can also make the game continue for a long time thereby increasing the excitement and thrill of the game.

Here is an explanation of the disciple of the land for better comprehension by newcomers. The Discipline of the Land actually includes the land along with all the resources in complete abundance. The land basically is all about the various different trees, plants growing on that land and the different types of fishes which are found in the water bodies that are present in that land. The rocks available in mines and caves are also included here. You can also segregate it further for incorporating various different roles and also different characteristics.

Here botanists cut down trees using axes and help in procuring wood and fruits. The fishermen use their spears and poles to catch fish. Miners are the people who basically mine for essential metals and other substances like rocks which are needed to build weapons out of them. These characters are all designed to play different roles and it is up to the players to decide which character they will switch to and when. And because of the weapon switching, the discipline also changes along with the weapons. The class the player plays in and the level also changes according to weapon change.

The five jobs under the Disciples of War are Lancer, Gladiator, Marauder, Pugilist and Archer. The two jobs under the Disciples of Magic are thaumaturge and conjuror. The eight jobs under the Disciples of Hand are, blacksmith, culinarian, carpenter, alchemist, weaver, armorer and tanner. The players can also switch the disciples and the jobs too.

You can find detailed information about all these jobs, disciplines, the various complex ways of switching between them mentioned in complete details in the guide. Check out the various strategies which you can find out in the guide; you can find out tips and tricks to complete each level without spending much time and improve your speed. It will help you to overcome the time constraint.

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