Gingrich: Biden corruption scandal ‘dramatically bigger than Hunter’

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INGRAHAM: Great to see you. I’m Laura Ingraham. This is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from Washington tonight. What’s the real disinformation campaign being waged right now? While the Left and the mass media, they want to write-off the Hunter Biden revelations as a Russian plot, Newt Gingrich is here, and he says we’re missing the real story and Joe Biden’s central role in it.

Also, Ben Carson is sick of hearing how President Trump’s warning to the suburbs are racist. Well, he’s here to blow the lid on Biden’s plans and explain how Trump has aided previously underserved communities in a way that Democrats never have. But first. Punishing your kids. That’s the focus of tonight’s ANGLE.

Today’s New York Times published a poll. Now of course take it with a grain of salt. That shows among other things a huge gender gap in the 2020 race.

While President Trump, it says is leading Biden among men by six points, he supposedly trails among women voters by a staggering 23 points. Now if the poll is anywhere near accurate, the president will have a hard time closing that gap with women, but he could narrow it.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: I think the women from the suburbs are looking for a couple of things one of them is safety. One of them is good strong security and one of them is, they don’t want to have low income housing built next to their house.

But they keep talking about the women from the suburbs. I think we’re going to have a big resounding, what the hell happened with women into the suburbs, they really like Trump a lot.


INGRAHAM: Now I’m going to get into another reason why he could close that gap in just a moment. But the media and some corrupt public health officials have together managed to frighten and mislead a lot of the female voters in this election cycle. They’re afraid. Why are they afraid? Well, they’re afraid that their kids are going to go to school and they’re going to get sick or they’re going to bring home sickness back to their own communities and back to their own homes.

But what any honest adult knows, well what do they know that virtual learning is a train wreck for almost every kid out there, especially for those who are poor. But my business handlers, they don’t care about the kids. Instead they keep concerning themselves with what their political allies think. The teacher’s unions, they need to keep them happy.

So, while they demand that five-year-old wear masks. The unions own masks are off. As we see just how corrupt they are in the case of the Fairfax County school system in Virginia it’s one of the wealthiest suburbs in America. The teacher’s union there in a letter to community members made it clear that they don’t want kids to return to school. Get this, until next August.

They’re demanding that the school board and the superintendent draw and hold the line by keeping public schools virtual for the remainder of the

2021 school year. This would of course no longer be school but institutionalized child abuse.

Now, my hope is that school officials obviously see how radical and damaging this would be to children. But given who sits on the board my expectations are quite low that after all these are the same geniuses who instead of coming up with a reopening plan wasted the summer with efforts like this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The motion before us is to is to proceed with the name change from Robert E. Lee High School. That is unanimous. The motion carries.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For those who are concerned about costs of these kinds of things this is the cost of racism.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I’d love to put it all out there and let’s really uproot systemic racism.


INGRAHAM: Of course, the proponents of school closures say the science is on their side. The Fairfax NEA chapter claims that no one should return to in-person instruction until there is widely available scientifically proven vaccine or highly effective treatment. The metric for safe reopening should be 14 days of zero community spread, zero community spread. Not only is that impossible, an impossible metric to meet, it’s illogical and unnecessary.

And perhaps the biggest blow to the pro-closure crowd is The New York Times latest expose on how the experts were totally wrong about the New York City public schools becoming COVID breeding grounds.

Yesterday, the Times reported that out of 16,348 staff members and students tested randomly by the school system in the first week, there were only 28 positives, 20 staff and eight students. And when officials put mobile testing units at schools near Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods that have had new outbreaks only four positive case turned up out of more than 3300 tests.

Now, the evidence also clearly demonstrates that keeping kids out of school is psychologically damaging.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anxious and worried and depressed, and they’re trying to distract themselves and no one would know because they’re not going to reach out for help.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He’s definitely more anxious, went to hug him and his heart was beating out of his chest. He said, the world’s really scary right now.


INGRAHAM: But as we’ve seen before, the Left doesn’t actually care about the science. It always invokes if it conflicts with their goals, at least from coast to coast, teachers’ unions are ignoring the science to make absurd demands. For example, the heads of Sacramento’s three teachers’

unions argue that schools shouldn’t reopen until there’s racial equity on COVID.

When some get a head start, it deepens. Inequality and the rush to open school doors with high background transmission rates places unsafe pressure on low income communities and our most under-resourced public schools. Now, this is seriously misguided, but do not think that a return to normal under Joe Biden will end any of this insanity. When it comes to choosing between what’s best for you and your children and the NEA. Joe’s already made it clear whose side he’s on.


JOE BIDEN (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: We win this election; we’re going to get the support you need and the respect you deserve. You don’t just have a partner in the White House, you’ll have an NEA in the White House. And if I’m not listening, I’m going to be sleeping alone in the Lincoln Bedroom.


INGRAHAM: With Biden in the White House, what we’re seeing in Fairfax County and other big Democrat dominated districts will be happening nationwide and you won’t be able to just move across county lines or state lines to escape any of it. Your child’s not going to see the inside of a classroom for a very long time. And what he or she learns online about America, it’s going to be pure Left-wing propaganda, courtesy, of course, of the 1619 project.

So, under President Biden, this scenario might be great for Black Lives Matter and of course, the NEA, but it’ll be horrendous in every other way.

So, how could any parent, especially any mom, support this?

The social isolation that comes with in-home learning is reason enough to abandon this immediately. If teachers, otherwise healthy people don’t feel comfortable coming back into the classroom or they should go into another profession. They’re just as essential as grocery store workers, for instance, and grocery store workers can’t just simply abandon in person work because they feel unsafe.

Night-after-night, we’ve shown you that the only people who benefit under a President Biden will be his big donors and other political cronies.

Everyone else will be asked to work harder for less, and our children’s lives will be upended for absolutely no good reason. I think women were naturally protective of our children, and that’s just the way we are, and for this reason alone, female voters should drop their old hang-ups about Trump.

He’s not the heartless or mean force in this race. He’s the opposite. He wants your sons and daughters in school and learning, and he wants you to be free to work, if you’d like, for your family. Those who would sacrifice the future of an entire generation of schoolchildren just to placate their union buddies and hurt the president’s chances in November, they’re the most heartless and the meanest of all. And that’s THE ANGLE.

Joining me now is Fairfax County parent, Amber Condry, who has two elementary school aged children. Amber, great to see you tonight. Has the school board given any indication of what they think about the union’s proposal for no in-person classes until next summer?

AMBER CONDRY, FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA PARENT: Well, the school board is continuing to delay and say that while they’re tied up, I think it was six to six when they voted, and so they’re just still don’t know what they’re doing in terms of us getting back to school. But they’re certainly taking a big lesson to the teacher’s unions who don’t want our kids learning. And they’re still trying to keep our kids from what they should be doing, which is learning with their peers in a classroom being challenged by great teachers.

INGRAHAM: Well, Fairfax Superintendent Scott Brabrand said something about school reopening yesterday.


SCOTT BRABRAND, SUPERINTENDENT OF FAIRFAX COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS: The situation today may not be the situation tomorrow, and we have built into our plan, flexibility to return or dial in for more in-person learning, but also dial out or dial down for less in-person learning and more virtual learning.


INGRAHAM: Oh, my God, the fact that he’s the superintendent of one of the largest and most prosperous school districts in the country is terrifying.

I want to dial him out. Amber, how does that give any mother in Fairfax County, Virginia, any reason to have confidence in what’s going forward, dialing in, dialing out their plans? And meanwhile, what’s happening to these little kids?

CONDRY: Well, the kids are just suffering. You know, it’s six hours a day staring at a screen. And to see that Scott Brabrand is still kind of waffling and to see that there’s not a real lengthy in-person option being offered. It hurts the children. It hurts the families. And it’s just sad because these are the children who will be taking over these roles eventually. And they’re not going to have things like cooperative ideas because they don’t even know how to interact with other students. It’s just sad that this is the role they’re taking.

INGRAHAM: Now, Fairfax County, Virginia, for people who don’t know what Amber is a very now used to not be when I first moved to this area. But it’s now a very liberal, extremely liberal, absolutely heavily Democrat, part of the country. It’s a bedroom community of Washington, D.C. A lot of government workers, lawyers, lobbyists, big money in Fairfax County. But there are a lot of immigrant families too, in the public schools. They’re all working, so they’re all working. What the heck’s happening to their kids, the underserved at risk children? What’s happening to them? And do liberals care about them anymore?

CONDRY: Right. Well, and school is a safe place for so many families, for kids to get meals, for kids to get away from maybe questionable home environments or neighborhoods and to see that the teachers unions are continuing to push against what’s safe and good for the children. It’s just sickening. It’s just politics. It’s really sad.

INGRAHAM: This is this is Democrat politics, laid bare. OK, I know a lot of moms out there in Fairfax County. You don’t like Trump’s tweets, or you don’t like this thing that the media says about him or that thing. But I’m going to repeat this. The meanest thing of all, Amber, is to see a child in front of a screen, in a room for six and seven hours a day. That is the meanest, most heartless thing of – I’m going to say that to every day till the election, moms wake up across America. Amber, thank you for joining us tonight and best of luck.

Now, since early May, the ANGLE has been on the forefront of bringing you facts and data that support school reopenings. And for our trouble, we were ridiculed. We were vilified by the so-called experts and their media lackeys. But making this a political issue and not a scientific one, it was the medical establishment that ended up doing enormous harm to the reputations of their themselves. And, of course, they eroded decades of goodwill and trust.

So, the question is, will they ever be able to get it back? Joining me now is Dr. Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, and Dr. Ramin Oskoui, cardiologist and CEO of Foxhall Cardiology in Washington, D.C. Dr. Oskoui, there’s so many other issues beyond schools where the medical establishment has been wrong. But I want to start with you a particular comment that you found very jarring. Watch.


MICHAEL OSTERHOLM, EPIDEMIOLOGIST: We do have vaccines and therapeutics coming down the pike, but when you actually look at the time period for that, the next six to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of the entire pandemic. We’ve got to get the message to the public that reflects the science and reflects reality.


INGRAHAM: Dr. Oskoui, your response to Dr. Osterholm?

DR. RAMIN OSKOUI, CARDIOLOGIST: Dr. Osterholm has nothing, no data to support what he says. We’ve been hearing this from our so-called experts who have quoted poorer models, models where they can’t even show how the data has reached to fearmonger the American public. The reality is there’s nothing to suggest. It’s in fact, quite the converse. There are two studies quoted by NPR just a few hours ago that show that clearly death rates from those getting infected by COVID are much, much lower. And we know why. It’s called viral attenuation.

Bueller’s Ratch (ph) we’ve talked about this for months. So, we’re seeing the virus weakening. We’re seeing younger people get it. But this is viral attenuation. And these doom and gloom prophecies are really a horrible thing for a professional man like him to do.

OSKOUI: Yes, that good news that Dr. Oskoui referencing from NPR today, these new peer-reviewed studies are showing this sharp drop in mortality among hospitalized COVID-19 patients. It’s seen in all groups, including older patients and those with underlying conditions, comorbidities.

Now they’re suggesting that what physicians are getting better at helping patients survive this illness. So, Dr. Risch, what else could be going on here as well and what has the medical establishment screwed up the most in the handling of the pandemic and the fear mongering that they continue to do up to this minute?

DR. HARVEY RISCH, PROFESSOR OF EPIDEMIOLOGY: So, yes, it’s exactly right that created a climate of fear, which has substituted for a rational discussion of what can be done, and that has originated from the FDA, which instituted the fear by creating a warning on its website against a medication that’s proven to work in early usage.

That medication and others hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, combined with other medications, is essentially almost completely effective in reducing risks of hospitalization and mortality when it’s used in the first – within the first five days. That is the answer to how we can open the society to reopen the society. That is the answer for dealing with school openings.

That’s the answer for everything opening.


INGRAHAM: And Dr. Oskoui, I mean, you and I and other members of the medicine cabinet, as I call it, we’ve been talking about hydroxychloroquine and other medications for months and months and months. And yet the politicized response to that by the America’s FDA. And then you have, as Dr. Risch wrote about in his Washington Examiner piece, you have all these former FDA officials, Gotlieb and Kessler and McClellan, coming out in an op ed trashing Trump for hurting the FDA. But what do they not reveal about their own connections to Big Pharma?

OSKOUI: Well, they don’t reveal the fact that many of them are board members who are paid consultants. I believe Scott Gottlieb is on the boards of Eli Lilly and Pfizer. And because of this, they’re clearly biased toward more expensive drugs. I wonder why they don’t tout some very simple and noncontroversial things to do. Vitamin D and zinc, the data there is irrefutable, not nearly as controversial as, say, masks or social distancing or lockdowns. This is absurd that we simple things are not talked about by Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, or any of these so-called experts.

INGRAHAM: And Dr. Risch, the European nations, I’ve been documenting now for weeks and weeks, are moving toward lockdowns or partial lockdowns. Here are some of the restrictions now facing Europe. In France, nighttime curfews, residents of Madrid, they can’t leave for non-essential reasons.

Ireland, people must limit movement and stay out of each other’s homes. And the Netherlands only allows a maximum of three people in your home per day.

And Berlin, private parties, gatherings limited to 10. We have severe restrictions and lockdowns now in Wales, Australia, Melbourne, Victoria. I mean, these are nightmarish scenarios, yet necessary, Dr. Risch.

OSKOUI: Unbelievable.

RISCH: They’ll only postpone. They don’t solve anything. They just postpone the numbers come down and then after they’re open, they go back up. They need to deal with the cause, not just a band aid.

INGRAHAM: Dr. Oskoui, same thing, we heard for how many months that Europe was the gold standard for the strategy to beat, COVID zero community transmission. And that’s what we want to open our schools. Europe is the gold standard. So, is it what’s happening in France now, the record cases, is that Trump’s fault?

OSKOUI: Of course, it’s not Trump’s fault. Dr. Risch has pointed out quite correctly that the one meaningful therapeutic intervention hydroxychloroquine is used. But let’s stop looking at case rates, let’s look at death rates. Ireland has minuscule death rates and has had a very stable, very low death rate for months. Same is true for Scotland.

In England, it’s mostly confined to London. We need to start looking at what Farr (ph) always taught us from 1820, look at death rates. The viruses attenuating. People need to have hope and it’s justifiable scientifically.

INGRAHAM: And Dr. Risch, wasn’t Donald Trump right when he said this shouldn’t dominate your life. This shouldn’t keep people afraid of living as it’s doing, especially when I look at these numbers of women petrified of COVID, given what the media is doing to them on a daily basis. With the way they’re reporting, especially women, I think are worried about it. I mean.

RISCH: That’s correct.

INGRAHAM: I mean, it’s shocking.

RISCH: It’s shocking, it’s unnecessary. Even the W.H.O. in 2011 came out with a report saying one should not fear in pandemics that we use rational thought to work out how to solve them. And somehow, they changed their tune between then and now. But we now know how to deal with it and how to manage it and how to get beyond it.

INGRAHAM: Yes, we’ll be delving into the why of all this as well. Doctors, thank you so much. And Democrats claim that Trump’s warnings about the suburbs under a Biden administration are these racist dog whistles. But what’s the real truth? HUD Secretary Ben Carson is here exclusively tonight to set the record straight.



TRUMP: I’m saving the suburbs, I knocked out the regulation. No, you don’t like projects being next to your beautiful house, your American dream. So much for the American dream.


INGRAHAM: Now, the Left wants you to believe that what President Trump just said there was racist, but of course, they say that to distract from their own nefarious goals, because if Biden is elected, the suburbs as we know them will be changed dramatically.

To understand how we have to first back up a little bit. Now, years ago, the Obama administration implemented what’s called the affirmative, the affirmatively furthering fair housing rule under the guise of desegregating the suburbs.

Of course, the real goal wasn’t racial justice, but concentrating power and control. The rule allowed the Department of Housing and Urban Development to abolish single family zoning to promote high density developments in residential areas. In essence, the suburbs would have become social engineering playgrounds for D.C. bureaucrats and coastal elites.

Thankfully, Trump repealed this rule back in July, but now the Left is backing an even more radical plan. It was a bill put forward by Senator Cory Booker to push low income housing developments into the suburbs. To keep states from rejecting this policy, Booker’s bill would hold 12 billion dollars of highway funding hostage. This would be a federal takeover of local zoning laws, in essence.

And Biden, he fully supports it. If Booker’s bill became law, the suburb that you scrimped and saved to buy a home in will be turned into an easement for high rises and apartment complexes. Your property values will go down while the crime rate in your neighborhood could very well go up.

Now, the real goal here isn’t desegregation. The suburbs already are already desegregated. In fact, under a Trump, black homeownership skyrocketed from 41.7 percent to 46.3 percent by the end of March. Now, for Hispanics, it shot up from 44 percent in December 2016 to 48.9 percent at the end of first quarter 2020.

Joining me now is HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson. Now, Dr. Carson, the Left is cloaking this in the language of racial equality, but isn’t this about control in the end?

DR. BEN CARSON, HUD SECRETARY: Yes, it really is, and the Left brings everything back to in identity politics, but the fact of the matter is what the president is talking about here is local control, federalism. And I get to visit all kinds of communities all over the country all the time. And there are beautiful mixed income, mixed use complexes all over the place.

But it is under local control. People have an opportunity to discuss it, decide where they want to put things. And that’s the way the United States of America was designed. Also, the previous administration had a system in place that encourage people to move to what they call areas of opportunity.

And a lot of the money followed them. Instead, this administration says, let’s bring the opportunity to the people. That was the whole concept behind the opportunity zones, which are doing incredibly well.

And we want people to be able to have choice. They can stay where they are.

They can move, but let the people be the ones who make the decisions. And that doesn’t mean that we’re backing off on any kind of civil rights. We have a very strong record in civil rights.

INGRAHAM: Was that about freedom?

CARSON: Things that are wrong.

INGRAHAM: Yes, I mean, Secretary Carson, isn’t this is about freedom, freedom to choose. I mean, freedom – if you’re in the city and you want to move to the suburb for maybe just a different type of life, maybe you don’t want to live in a high rise. Maybe you want to live in a single family.

Then the next month you find out that the single-family house next to you is smashed and abolished to put up a five-story building because your community is worried about losing federal highway dollars. I mean, that’s extortion.

CARSON: Exactly. It is complete extortion, and it’s not what America is about. America is about freedom. It’s the reason that people came here in the first place. It’s the reason that it’s a destination place for people all over the world right now, and people form caravans trying to get in here. That wouldn’t be happening if we were this horrible place that some people try to characterize us as. It’s all about freedom of choice.

INGRAHAM:  Now, Dr. Carson, we have some photos. The “New York Times” had done did a story about what this was looking like in Minneapolis where they tried this, but also some photos, I believe these ones are from Seattle where, again, people want to know what this looks like. We have some photos. I believe this is Minneapolis — it is Seattle.

OK. So there’s a single family home on this screen, and then you see a construction project under way. And it’s multiple family unit houses.

There’s nothing wrong with having a multiple unit home, but in a neighborhood that was zoned for single family housing.

People have to understand, Dr. Carson, this isn’t going to be happening in the tony neighborhoods of Georgetown or Bel Air. No, no, it’s not going to happen there. It’s going to happen in places like Howard County outside of the Washington, D.C. area, or maybe in Alexandria, or suburbs farther out.

It’s not going to happen in the elite suburbs where all of the rich people live.

CARSON:  Exactly. The people who are advocating for such things, the acid test should be whether they would want that to happen in their neighborhoods. And again, as I’ve emphasized before, there are beautiful developments all over the place, but let the people be the ones to decide that, because they can figure out where to place things in an effective way so that nurses and firearm and policemen can live in the same neighborhoods where they work. It can be done, but it does not need to be imposed on people.

INGRAHAM:  And Secretary Carson, the media over and over again saying this is just Donald Trump trying to scare suburban house wives and it’s tantamount to a racial dog whistle. Your response to that?

CARSON:  Well, I hope suburban housewives and everybody recognizes that we need to be talking about the message and not the messenger. Look at the big picture. Look at the future of our children and our grandchildren and what kind of country we want to live in, what are the principles that we espouse. Forget about who is saying it and how they say it.

INGRAHAM:  And also, as some writer just pointed out, a lot of people leaving in urban areas to move to the suburbs, they are minority folks moving. Single family homeowner way up among African-Americans. That’s great news and something to celebrate.

CARSON:  Exactly.

INGRAHAM:  Secretary Carson, thank you for joining us tonight. I think we learned a lot about this.

And up ahead, there’s a real disinformation campaign surrounding the Hunter Biden scandal. You know it, I know it. It has nothing to do, though, with the Russians. Newt Gingrich explains it all coming up.


INGRAHAM:  For the last four years, the Democrats and their friends in the media have been warning Americans about a threat so pervasive that it has literally shaped the biggest events of the Trump presidency. I guess you could call it the Forest Gump of threats. It’s called Russian disinformation. What do you think was behind Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, after all?


NEERA TANDEN, PRESIDENT, CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS:  A Russian disinformation campaign from the Russian government, essentially, to undermine Hillary Clinton.


INGRAHAM:  Nothing at all with her being just a lousy candidate and stiff- arming the white working class, no. Likewise, the left knew exactly where the White House was getting talking points against Robert Mueller.


SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL, (D-CT):  The sprawling, sweeping Russian disinformation campaign is continuing to echo and mirror the Trump White House in its attack on Mueller.


INGRAHAM:  You know Da Nang Dick Blumenthal, he’d never lie about anything.

That didn’t stop there, though. Did you know that the BLM riots all the way back to 2016 were actually the result of some pesky Russian meddling?


REP. ADAM SCHIFF, (D-CA):  The Russians four years ago, Dana, exploited Black Lives Matter. They set up their own false flag online to try to divide people along racial lines.


INGRAHAM:  So after years of blaming the Russia for just about everything, it’s really a surprise which line they used to dismiss the Hunter Biden revelations? Not at all.


JEREMY BASH, FORMER CIA CHIEF OF STAFF:  This walks like a Russian intelligence disinformation campaign. This talks like a Russian intelligence disinformation campaign. This is most likely a Russian intelligence disinformation campaign against the Biden team.


INGRAHAM:  They have the disinformation campaign part right, at least.

Joining me now is Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, FOX News contributor, author of “Trump and the American Future.” Newt, six days since “The New York Post” dropped that story on the Biden campaign, and none of their media allies have disputed a single fact.

NEWT GINGRICH, FORMER SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE:  No, that’s right. And in fact, the stories get wider and bigger. We now have another eyewitness, someone who is actually serving jail time who has said that they thought of Joe Biden basically as a cash machine, and that using his name allowed them to get money across the planet.

The Senator Ron Johnson’s committee issued a report which is available on online for free, 87 pages, that covers the tip of the iceberg, which is much bigger than this computer. It includes Ukraine, but it also includes Russia. It includes Romania. It includes Kazakhstan. It includes the biggest of all, China.

And by the way, the report that just came out that Facebook actually has Chinese communist experts on censorship working in an office in Seattle to run their censorship program should be chilling to every single American.

We are now importing Xi Jinping’s method of controlling the population by eliminating your ability to communicate. And I think that’s, frankly, as big a scandal as the things that Biden has been doing.

INGRAHAM:  And yet, Newt, the Senate committee that would have subpoenaed the CEOs of these big social media companies, they are putting that off. I don’t know why, but they are not moving forward on that. And I think it’s very frustrating to conservatives and it’s like Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. You never get the Road Runner. The Road Runner always seems to get away. So if not now, when?

GINGRICH:  I agree with you. I don’t know why they are not having them in.

I think that sooner or later this is going to, frankly, lead to an explosion. I think the game that Twitter and Facebook are playing is extraordinarily dangerous and likely to lead to a real change in their legal status so that places like “The New York Post” can sue them for damages when they censor them like this.

But for the country at large, the key is the Biden corruption scandal is actually very big, dramatically bigger than just Hunter. It involves several hundred million dollars. And I think it’s not going to go away. I think you’re going to see every single day now new evidence coming out.

People who, frankly, are disgusted who are now showing up as whistleblowers and saying, look, this is what they did and this is how they were doing it.

And I think it is going to be interesting to see whether or not the debate moderator on Thursday night gets through the debate and hides from what is clearly now the biggest single story in the campaign.

INGRAHAM:  Speaking of, Newt, news tonight, the co-chair of the Presidential Debate Commission says that the decision to cut off microphones is not aimed at any particular candidate.


FRANK FAHRENKOPF, PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES COMMISSION CO-CHAIR:  All the commission has done has not create a new rule. We didn’t touch the rules.

All we did is put in a situation where if someone is interrupting, they won’t be allowed to interrupt. We are not doing just on President Trump. We are basing it on both candidates. We are non-partisan. We are doing something that we think is in the best interest of the American people.


INGRAHAM:  Newt, the best interest of the American people, isn’t it true that the debate commission is stacked with anti-Trump people, not just on the left, but Republicans, old Bush style Republicans who never liked Donald Trump or probably are never part of the Trump coalition, if not by name, but in spirit?

GINGRICH:  The debate commission should be abolished. And one of the test questions for any future Republican presidential candidate should be will you commit to not working with the debate commission? What that man said is a lie. He knows it’s a lie. Sleepy Joe is not going to rush around and interrupt anybody. This is one more anti-Trump step, just as the moderator is an anti-Trump step. She’s a liberal Democrat. Her family has donated consistently to the Democratic Party. She registered as a Democrat. The idea that she is somehow neutral is loony toons.

INGRAHAM:  Newt, real quick. Newt, real quick, 10 seconds. We’ve got Kasich’s name floated and Jeff Flake’s name floated as possible Biden cabinet members. Does that surprise you?

GINGRICH:  No. Why not? They’re not going to get there. This is like Tom Dewey in 48 announcing his cabinet. Trump is going to win. He’s going to win decisively. And poor Kasich and Flake are going to be out there on unemployment again.

INGRAHAM:  Newt, great to see you tonight. Thank you very much.

And what will the media look like if Biden wins? Put it this way, could their dismissal of anything anti-Biden during the campaign turn into something more nefarious if he is elected? Dinesh D’Souza is here in moment

on the looming threat to independent voices.  



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  And he claimed without evidence — 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Accusing him without evidence —

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Without evidence.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  This time without any evidence.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  When asked, he provided no evidence.


INGRAHAM:  The media’s go to phrase for dismissing information has morphed into something much more dangerous.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  New details on Russia’s latest disinformation campaign to sway your vote.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  “The New York Post” story that’s been widely disavowed and is very dubious.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  When you look at this computer store owner in Delaware.

That is more in line when you think about somebody who is a useful idiot.

Classic indicator of the potential presence of disinformation.


INGRAHAM:  Can you believe Peter Strzok is commenting on anything? Joining me now is Dinesh D’Souza, conservative commentator whose film “Trump Card”

is now available on demand. Dinesh, facts the left, they don’t like, are now framed as lies spread by hostile foreign governments. Why does this matter? It’s obviously absurd, but how could that get worse if Biden wins?

DINESH D’SOUZA, CONSERVATIVE FILMMAKER:  Well, first of all, what scares the fact checkers and the digital media moguls, and in fact the media in general is not that the story is false, but that it’s true. The real story isn’t even about Hunter Biden, any more than it’s James or Frank Biden, or the son-in-law. No, it’s about Joe Biden. Those were just the bagmen. And clearly Joe Biden knew about what’s going on and was in on the take.

The smoking gun emails connect the money directly to Joe Biden. He is the big guy referred into in there. So this is terrifying for the media because they are not a real media. They are not actually about sharing information.

They are about suppressing information damaging to the left, and only exposing information damaging to the other side.

And this is why they have to cover up the story. They can do it under various guises. Russian disinformation — what did the Russians write those emails? Did they steal Hunter Biden’s computer? No, he turned it in, and it was then turned into the FBI. So the authenticity of this story, the biggest story of the campaign, and if the left is able to suppress this one, it’s a chilling harbinger of what they’re going to be doing in the future.

INGRAHAM:  There will be no check at all on the Democrats, certainly no check from the press, and that’s just the way it’s going to be. And they’ll probably shut down everybody else’s platform, or try to as well.

Now to your point, a former Twitter and Google exec wants his former companies to silence Trump. Watch.


PETER GREENBERGER, FORMER TWITTER AND GOOGLE EXECUTIVE:  It’s time, I believe, that Twitter hold him accountable to the same terms and conditions, the same rules of the road that every other user is subject to.

The leading propagators of false information come from the top. It’s coming from Donald Trump and some of the leading conservative voices that echo him.


INGRAHAM:  Dinesh, now these are the same kinds of people who elevate the CCP and give their henchmen all sorts of platforms unquestioned.

D’SOUZA:  Isn’t it so ironic that when these platforms were first developed, they seemed to be exhilarating platforms that would liberate people to communicate with each other, engage in free and robust debate.

And some of that rhetoric still remains, but the truth of it is they have now become terrifying instruments of suppression. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Facebook and Twitter become the ways in which our liberties become extinct?

Orwell in “1984” when he spoke of Big Brother, he spoke about the state, what he called the inner part. But he also spoke about the outer part, which is those collaborators with the totalitarian state that make the totalitarianism spread into every nook and cranny of society. And I’m afraid much of our media, including the digital media, are now accessories of tyranny.

INGRAHAM:  There is an enormous amount of money to be in made in China, when you’re an NBA team or player or a business guy who wants to do an IPO there, and suddenly all of your principles and morals, all your concern about human rights are completely out the door for the almighty dollar.

D’SOUZA:  They are not so worried that Joe Biden is on the take from China because they are on the take from China. So ultimately it becomes a collaborative enterprise in which the Democratic candidate is just part of a larger racket in which not only he, but lots of people in the think tanks, in the institution, the digital media are also making money.

INGRAHAM:  And the American worker always gets shafted in the end. Dinesh, thanks so much.

Something troubling going on with young liberal women the Last Bite reveals.


INGRAHAM:  Rationality hasn’t quite embraced the new left, and we see that in the latest craze from young liberal women. Instead of making a cogent point, they’ve pulled out their cameras to do a little something different.

Warning — if you have dogs or other susceptible animals in the room, please remove them now.




INGRAHAM: I got the puppy out of the room. That’s all the time we have tonight. Shannon Bream and the “FOX NEWS @ NIGHT” team take it all from here.


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