Residential Elevators – Add Value and Accessibility to Your Home

Now home owners can make it convenient for mobility challenged people in their homes to access multi-levels easily by having residential elevators installed. They offer great utility value and sophistication to any home besides enhancing the real estate value of your home. Today contractors can help you install a customized home elevator that is aesthetically pleasing.

Advantages of Having a Residential Elevator

The benefits of having an elevator in the house are several. This will help to increase the accessibility for all members of the house. The advantages that are appreciated by most buyers of home elevators are-

• Elderly members can access multi-levels easily
• Transporting of furniture is easy
• Taking up grocery or heavy home stuff becomes convenient
• The elevator makes the house look more sophisticated
• House value is enhanced significantly

Standard Features of Home Elevators

Residential elevators add value and accessibility to your home in a big way. The models manufactured by Savaria Concord, ThyssenKrupp Access and Federal Elevator are doing well in the market. Their main models are Lev, Volant Gearless, Signet, Infinity Luxury, Panorama and Renaissance Elevator. The integrated features include-

• Operation is automatic
• Travel capacity 50 feet with five possible stops
• Convenient gates – collapsible or accordion style
• Floor selection magnetic
• Speed pressure is variable
• Hydraulic jack makes for smooth ride
• Customized features

Find a Good Residential Elevator Contractor

A recognized contractor can help you find the home elevator that is most suitable for you, considering your particular requirements and the architectural structure of your house. It is true that such elevators add value and accessibility to your home but only a good contractor can do justice to the installation. Usually good maintenance and after sales service are prominent features offered by a residential elevator contractor of repute.

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