The Link Up: Em’s Favorite New Collab, An Excellent Body Scrubber, And A $20 Kitchen Tool That Cuts Down Dishwashing Time

Happy Sunday yet again! It finally rained a little in LA which means it kinda feels like fall now and we are PUMPED. Oh and how fun was it to see a bedroom in the farmhouse mostly revealed?! That pink color is truly so soothing and happy. We all can’t wait for the next reveal. But until then we’ve got some links to get to…

This week’s hour tour is from none other than deVOL kitchens. When we got the press email about it we knew we had to share it with you immediately. That vaulted glass ceiling is what dreams are made of, the two-toned cabinets make it feel so inviting, and how sweet are those glass pendants above the dining table? Go check it all out on their site!

photo via etsy

Birchwood Cozy Crochet Garland | Blue Checkered Furoshiki | Rose and Gold StarBurst Tree Topper

From Emily: Amber Lewis’ Etsy Christmas collaboration is really good. I’m putting like 6 things in my cart and it’s supporting a lot of makers. These collabs make me so happy and a Christmas one is so up my alley:)

From Ryann: For me to consider something a good product (and therefore good enough to recommend to y’all) I have to want to use it every day or at least once a week, depending on what the product is/does. This body scrubber meets that criteria. I’ve never been someone who uses a loofah, but I LOVE this body scrubber and use it every day. It’s nothing special but it’s affordable, and it just feels good on my skin. I feel cleaner and exfoliated when I use it and it makes me enjoy showers more. I actually got it as a part of a gift with other beauty products, so I think it would be a great little gift or stocking stuffer.

From Jess: I might be the last to know about this wildly useful kitchen tool but I am soooo tempted by this oil measuring dispenser bottle I saw on TikTok. Measuring spoons need not apply anymore. It also means fewer dishes and if you have a dishwasher, it’s dishwasher-safe. It’s definitely not a beautiful artisan-made bottle but that’s nothing a cupboard can’t fix:) Has anyone tried this? Does it hold up??

Also From Jess: Here’s another late-to-the-party rec. If you are looking for a new show, I finally watched Formula 1: Drive to Survive after hearing about it on Armchair Expert when Daniel Ricciardo was a guest a couple of years ago. It’s fun, exciting (but not too stressful which I prefer), and it’s pretty interesting how that whole F1 world works. Plus if you are into it there are four seasons to dig into! If you do watch it I would try to avoid looking up the drivers because you might see some spoilers. Oh, I also dare you to not fall in love with Lewis Hamilton:)

From Mallory: Let’s all take a moment for the heels I was going to wear with my Halloween costume – I LOVE these shoes (and was shocked to find them for such an affordable price). Sadly, I fractured my ankle and can’t wear them anymore (but don’t worry I’ll save them for another time) so I thought I’d link them here for y’all to enjoy!! Also if you’re more of a flats girlie or if you’ve also fractured your ankle there’s a flats version that I’ll be wearing instead:) HAPPY ALMOST HALLOWEEN!

From Caitlin: Starting this off with an adults-only recommendation – was feeling a little wary about sharing, but I really want to spread the word! Here we go: I’ve never been a huuuuge drinker but lately, my hangovers have been near-immediate and pretty untenable. (We’re talking “2 beers leave me with a raging headache within hours” here – it stinks.) Enter: PBR High Seltzers. These are legal and easy to find in CA – I get mine delivered through Eaze, which I highly recommend because it’s quick and safe! – and I love these seltzers as an alcohol alternative. The flavors are amazing but not too sweet (Strawberry Kiwi is my favorite; my boyfriend likes Mango Blood Orange the best), the ingredients are simple (water, sugar, juice, and cannabis extract), the price is great ($4.50 direct from PBR, about $6 delivered through Eaze), and there’s NO HANGOVER. They contain 10mg of THC and 2mg of CBD – an ideal amount for me, I’ve learned – and they kick in a bit quicker than alcohol, so it’s easy to find/maintain the “buzz” level that makes you feel your best. It’s been great to find something else that I can sip on while hanging out with friends or while relaxing before bed – they keep my head feeling pretty clear and normal and just leaves my body feeling way less tense, which I love (though obviously, effects are different for everyone!). I know we’re in a weird cultural time for THC and alcohol (the former becoming less taboo, while the latter becomes less popular – at least here in LA) but if you live in a state where this product is legal, I really really love it as a beer/wine/seltzer replacement. HUGE fan.

Also From Caitlin: Balancing things off with an extremely family-friendly recommendation: this SICK coloring book featuring cool houses!!! There are 40+ illustrations inspired by popular homes on IG and Airbnb, the pages are perforated so you can remove and frame your work (if you’re into that), and there are even colorable velvet stickers (plants, art, pillows, etc.) so you can decorate the rooms after you’ve colored them in! You can see some teaser shots of the inside of the book on Alli Koch’s Instagram. This would be a great stocking stuffer, everyone!!!

That’s it for this Sunday! Enjoy the rest of your day and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Photo Credits: Design and Photos by deVOL Kitchens

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