Best Wine Coolers For Your Red Wine Jus 

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The wholesome flavor of jus, prepared through a method known as reduction, is a good way to serve well-prepared meat dishes. While some people may prefer to use beef, vegetable, or chicken broth to make their jus, many of those with a nose for some alcoholic flavor would rather use red wine jus. 

If you are one of such people, you likely love to have it handy. But preserving it might be challenging. The most common way is to freeze it, and to do that will require a red wine cooler as the wine in the jus needs to be preserved properly for its original flavor and taste to be retained. 

To choose a wine cooler that you will enjoy using, you have to decide what you need in a wine cooler: if you want it to be powered by thermoelectric cooling or compressors, a single or dual zone design, or if you want a single or dual zone design you want a freestanding wine cooler. The single-zone design is good for those who prefer either white or red wine. 

But for those who love the two, a dual-zone design is recommended as red wine is stored at a temperature different from white wine. You might also be interested in this recipe for red wine jus for venison.

This article provides you with a list of the best wine coolers you can use for your red wine juice. 

  • Kalamera Wine Refrigerator

This wine cooler is a free-standing design powered by compressors and can hold as many as 80 bottles. If you don’t need that much capacity, there is a 24-inch version that holds 46 bottles and is built with dual-zone temperature. A single-zone design is also available, holding even less – 30 bottles.

  • Colzer YC-100A Cooler

This wine cooler is about 15 inches and has many cool features such as no fog; it’s easy to install, has a wooden wine rack, emits low noise, and equally cools fast. About 30 bottles can fit into this cooler.

  • Phiestina Wine Cooler

A wine cooler has never been cooler than this 16-inch product with a glass door and temperature control. The cooler is dual-zone, holds 33 bottles, and is compressor powered.

  • Koolatron Wine Cooler

If you need a small wine cooler, this 20-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler is just fine. It has LED lighting in the interior, and the doors are UV resistant.

  • Nutrichef Wine Cooler

It is a large freestanding wine cellar for white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, or champagne. There’s digital temperature control, and it has a glass door. The cooler is available in 18-bottle and 12-bottle styles, single and dual-zone designed, and thermoelectric and compressor powered.

Whichever coolers you pick will keep your red wine juice just fine. Maybe you have no interest in stocking different types of wine, so you think the wine fridge is unnecessary. There are so many other things you can store in a wine fridge, from snacks and glasses to fruits and beverages.